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First World War
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UK World War One poster for war savings certificates, first issued 1916, shows men in working clothes

World War One poster encouraging people to buy war savings certificates.

British war saving certificates were first issued in 1916 to help fund the First World War.

I particularly like this poster for the savings certificates because it so clearly illustrates the times - not that that was particularly its intention.

Note that:

I don't know how successful the posters were for encouraging people to buy the war certificates.

Promoting the WW1 savings certificates

My work on WW1 Officers diaries shows what a hard sell these certificates were to the men in the trenches. There are numerous entries showing how the men were reminded to buy the certificates, the total sold each month, etc and asked to buy more. The Government was not only asking the men to fight but to pay for it as well!

Jan Greenslade

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