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In general, people on the British home front during World War Two were accepting and creative in the face of rationing and shortages.

Underside of ardboard cover decorated to look like a luxury wedding cake during

Cardboard cover decorated with plaster and painted white to look like a luxury wedding cake.

2 of 3: Imitation cake lifted to show that it is a hollow cover - 
as used during rationing in World War Two.

The cover lifted showing that it is hollow.

Decorated cardboard cake cover lifts to reveal a smallr cake in WW2

The smaller cake revealed.

All photographed in Bushey Lincolnsfields Centre.

A well known example of cunning creativity, which I knew about as a child, but never actually saw, was the cardboard covers decorated with plaster and painted to look like wedding cakes.

The reality was very different - see the photos. Apparently exquisitely decorated cakes turned out to be small mediocre ones hiding under the decorated cardboard covers.

These cardboard covers were passed around from one wedding to another.

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