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Costs of buying and installing
a radio (wireless) in 1938, England

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These days we tend to forget that back in the middle of the 20th century, radios - known as wirelesses - were very expensive in real terms because they used valve technology. Also they had to be installed which was costly. According to the receipt below, the costs involved were as follows. The costs are of course quoted in the old money.

One Murphy Receiver (radio) Model A.46. £9-10-0
Installing aerial and earth system £0-7-6
   75 feet of electron wire £0-2-6
 1 earth rod £0-2-4
Quantity of staples £0-0-2
    TOTAL  £10-2-6

The receipt is on professionally printed paper and the breakdown of costs is handwritten.

Note that purchase tax had to be paid by buying a 2d stamp and signing across it to invalidate it for other use. I am not sure why some receipts and not others seem to show this stamp. Do you know?

1938 receipt showing cost of a radio (wireless) and its installation

Receipt for 1930s radio.

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