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Publicity for the Flatley airer/dryer through exhibitions and advertisements

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An exhibit of the Flatley airer/dryer at a large exhibition

Flatley airer/dryer exhibit at a major show

Page of a Flatley brochure illustrating its exhibit at a large show, courtesy of Tim Trounce. It states that an official census revealed that the Flatley Infra-Super was mentioned either first or second by every visitor who was asked for his or her views on the most interesting feature on show.

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Adverts for Flatley products

advert for Flatley dryer/airer

The adverts in this section are courtesy of Camilla Wood who is A J Flatley's great granddaughter. She reports that the people that her great grandfather used in his adverts were always family members. The 'mum' who wanted the Flatley was his wife and the adverts also show her grandmother (his daughter) and her grandmother's sisters (Camilla's Great Aunts). There was also a commercial featuring Camilla's mother, but this was shortly before he died and was never shown.

advert for Flatley dryer/airer and washing machine


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