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Experiences of two world wars
on the British home front

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This section of pages is about how the two world wars affected ordinary British people, that is ordinary working class people from ordinary homes. Much of it will also apply to what may be called the 'middle' classes and even the 'upper' classes as even the Queen drove an ambulance in World War Two. However, mostly the section is about ordinary people. It is specifically not an encyclopedia of facts, although some facts are included as background. It is about personal experiences seen from personal recollections.

The recollections focus on life in Britain during and immediately after the two world wars, the 'home front' as it was called. They do not include recollections from men and women serving in the forces. Exceptions are when the focus is on how those experiences affected the people at home. Accordingly there is a group of pages on national service in peace time, immediately after the Second World War because it so affected the people around me at the time.

The recollections of life on the First World War home front were mainly written by my mother while those on the Second World War home front were mainly written by me. I say 'mainly' because the site has benefited enormously from contributions from website visitors. The pages on life as a post-war national serviceman were written by the servicemen themselves.

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