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I am always pleased to hear from anyone who shares my interest in the recollections on this website. I can be contacted on the following email address. Please retype it, as the electronic link has been removed following spam abuse.


Please help if you can

My work on this website is voluntary and unfunded and there are actual costs of maintenance. So I rely on advertisements. if you know anyone who would like to advertise here, please ask them to get in touch.

Advertising on this website

Advertising rates are £30 or $60 US for six months, placed on any page except the home page; same size as any of the Google ads elsewhere on the site; your choice of page; my choice of colour and font unless otherwise requested; text ads, image ads or a mix, but images to be supplied. Fee to be paid into my PayPal account. Please contact me on the above email address.

Copyright issues

The recollections of my mother, Florence Clarke, born Florence Cole, are © Pat Cryer, as are my own recollections and research. The holders of the original images and contributions own their own copyright in accordance with copyright law, but have authorised use on this website - and on this website only. I act as their agents in matters of copyright infringement from this website. Other images on this website are copyright Pat Cryer. All rights are reserved.

Reproduction in any form of any image requires my express written permission or the written permission of the copyright holder, copied to me. Reproduction includes 'pinning'.

If in doubt or with special requests, please contact me.


I am not in a position to make valuations. So please don't ask whether something you have is worth anything or how to sell it.

Pat Cryer, webmaster

For mother's family history, see Potteries and Brickworks worked by the Cole family, for my husband's family history, see the Family History of Neil Cryer and for my father's family history, see the Fishers of Wedmore. For my professional website, see Postgraduate Resources and for my website on supporting the deaf, see Deaftalk.

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