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Communication, early to mid 20th century

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Below are links to groups of pages on particular aspects of how people kept in touch with one another in the early-mid 1900s. Click an image to go to its group.

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Early telephones were called candlestick phones because of their shape. Various other styles came later.

See the link from the image for more about these old phones and how to use them.

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Letters & postage, mid 20th century

Letter writing was a very popular way of keeping in touch. Most people had their own writing case; some had headed paper.

See the link from the image for more about using postal services.

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Telegrams, mid 20th century

As relatively few people were on the phone before the mid-20th century, the fastest way to send a message was with telegrams.

See the link from the image for more.

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Document preparation through the 20th century

Typewriters went through various improvements from the old manual ones before computers took over.

See the link from the image for more about typewriters, typists and document preparation.

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