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Bygone outdoor scenes

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Below are links to groups of pages on particular aspects of what could be seen out of doors in the early-mid 1900s. Click an image to go to its group.

gypsy caravan thumbnail

Street scenes, early 20th century

Colourful gypsy caravans were on the streets in the early 20th century.

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harvest thumbnail

Harvest bygone times

Harvest time provided what was probably the most interesting country scenes, but there was always something to see at other times.

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newspaper street sales, thumbnail

Street scenes, mid 20th century

In the early-mid 20th century newsvendors sold from trolleys that they wheeled on the streets.

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tank in street WW2, thumbnail

Street scenes in World War Two

During World War Two there were signs of war on the streets, but there were more interesting things.

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For more types on what could be seen out of doors in bygone times, use the search box.

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