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More about everyday life early to mid 20th century

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gender equality icon, thumbnail

Women's issues

wallet thumbnail

Family finances

Christmas pudding thumbnail

Christmas and Christmas preparations

old hairstyle thumbnail

Hair styling

talking, thumbnail

Talking points

mother and baby, thumbnail

Mother and baby

coffin thumbnail

Death, early 1900s

weather thumbnail

Home weather forecasting

nylon stockings thumbnail

1940s - Common then but not now

nylon stockings thumbnail

1950s - Common then but not now

Edgware 1950s thumbnail

1960s - Common then but not now

old Edmonton, London, thumbnail

Old Edmonton

Edgware 1950s thumbnail

Edgware, mid 20th Century

maypole thumbnail

Annual events early 20th century

decisions thumbnail

How to make sound decisions

old and dying skills

Old and dying skills

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This website Join me in the 1900s is a contribution to the social history of everyday life in 20th century Britain from the early 1900s to about 1960, seen through personal recollections and illustrations, with the emphasis on what it was like to live in those times.